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Welcome to my personal website , atleast the temporary placeholder for it. In the background i am creating a website where i will post my creations and where i will share my scripts and solutions. My experience with networking with equipment as Mikrotik , Cisco , Juniper and Fortinet. And also in the systemenginering area with Microsoft Server enviroment, Vmware , Proxmox and serveral Linux distributions and even MacOS Server. I will be sharing solutions i use. I hope that the effort i make will be appriciated. Thanks in advance.

Who am I

I am Jouke Siekman and i am working as a Senior Network Engineer by an internet service provider in the Netherlands. A service provider that sells their services by IT partners. So i maintain a pretty nice and dynamic network. a lot of facets pass by in my job. I didnt follow school , learned english from TV and was on age 14 operator on a escavator on road construction. And like typical dutch working on dikes. I was tinkering with computers and electronics as far that i can think back. My family where from a big part of scrappers of iron and copper. so there whas always something to find to tinker with. So i demolish VCR live Video 2000 and Betamax , tinkering with audio equipment. And ofcause it didnt take long before i had my own recovered stereo in my bedroom. So when the oppertunity rise that i could work by a company in IT i did take it with both hands. I proved myself in the first two weeks by solving some of there problems with phone systems. And from there i became their phone expert. I migrated hunderds of their clients from PSTN, ISDN to SIP. I will finish this later ,


Here i will share some of the scripts i created. Some solutions i made. I would like to share them.

- Mikrotik scripts and Solutions